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We need your help to make this series possible.

We invite you to help us tell a story of a forgotten Texas town by supporting our fundraising goal for the Quakertown Film Project docuseries. With your help, we can preserve and spread the amazing story of Quakertown throughout Denton County and beyond – preserving its memory for generations to come.
The docuseries will be filmed right here in Denton County and feature never-before-seen footage. The film project will be a broadcast-quality effort to be considered for streaming platforms. Individuals who contribute over $50 will gain access to enter database for film-extra castings.
Why Now?
In May 2023, the Denton City Council approved $250,000 in funding for the docuseries production with support from the Denton Black Film Festival. With the city’s help, we are already halfway to our goal.
Denton, Texas city leaders are taking steps to remember Quakertown during the 100th anniversary of the freedman town’s forced removal “at a time when the Black community finds itself under attack again by gentrification, the resurgence of Jim Crow laws and some politicians doing their best to erase that history once again.” Mcphate Denton Record-Chronicle
Ways to Contribute

Every dollar contributed will go towards sharing this unforgettable journey of resilience, strength and courage in vivid detail.

Contribute online through the Go Fund Me link. Incentivised Giving Levels begin at $50

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The History: Quakertown, Texas was a historically significant African-American community that existed from the late 1800s to the early 20th century. The boundaries of the Denton community were Withers Street on the north, McKinney Street to the south, Vine Street on the east, and Oakland Avenue on the west. Quakertown was likely named in honor of the northern Quakers who sheltered runaway enslaved people and aided freedmen during early Reconstruction. The town was settled by freed slaves and their descendants following the Civil War. Quakertown thrived as a self-sustaining community with its own businesses, schools, and social institutions. However, in the 1920s, the city of Denton decided to reclaim the land on which Quakertown was situated. The residents were not adequately compensated for their properties, and the community was dismantled. The area was transformed into what is now known as “Quakertown Park,” erasing the vibrant history and cultural heritage of the once-thriving African-American community.


Join the 100 Businesses Challenge!

One hundred North Texas businesses will contribute $1,000 to the Quakertown Film Project in honor of preserving the stories that have shaped our community. Quakertown was a thriving town with small businesses that kept the community running until they were scattered. Today, we have the power to give voice to their forgotten legacy, to shed light on the resilience of those entrepreneurs, and to celebrate their contributions.

Let us come together as a community, recognizing the injustices of the past, and taking action to honor the resilience and tenacity of those who came before us. Your $1,000 contribution will not only help bring this docuseries to life but will also showcase your commitment to history, diversity, and the triumph of the human spirit. Contact us to learn more at [email protected]


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