In Person Festival returns January 25-29, 2023 

Eight years later, Denton Black Film Festival still celebrating Black culture



The winter air was cool and crisp as Harry and Linda Eaddy walked along the Denton Square. The couple had spent their afternoon watching films at Thin Line Fest, known for featuring documentaries. As they made their way back to their car, Harry turned to Linda and said, “You know, we don’t really see a lot of Black cinema. We would probably benefit from a Black film festival.”

“Yeah, right,” Linda said, somewhat skeptically.

Harry worked in the tech industry as head of sales, but he knew nothing about starting a film festival from scratch, particularly one in a community where, at the time, only 8% of the population was Black. Yes, he had an appreciation for the arts, and was something of a painter himself, but Harry wasn’t joking…


Full article available on DRC here

Photo Credit; DRC File Photo ” Harry Eaddy, director of the Denton Black Film Festival, says of the event he founded: “It’s not just a Black film festival, it’s a film festival for everyone — anyone who wants to learn about Black culture and wants to build a community.””

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