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On Saturday, January 29th we invite you  to watch “The Woodstock of House” with us at 5:30pm Central and at 7:15pm Central join us for a Live Stream Q & A with the Filmmakers- Rodrick F. Wimberly- Director and Producer; Tressa Epps -Producer; Vonda Paige-Producer; Steve Toles -Producer and  Senuwell Smith-Co Director. 

Can’t watch the film at 5:30pm you can still tune in for the Q & A and then watch the film at your leisure. It will be available from Thursday, January 27th @ 12:00 am Central until Sunday, February 6th at 11:59 pm.

The Woodstock of House details the triumph of disco music, attacked by mainstream America in the 1970s for being too black, too Latin, and too gay, and its mutation, development, and re-birth as House Music, by African American teenagers on the South Side of Chicago in an underground culture of marginalized, largely gay nightclub constituents. This is the untold story of the role of Chicago’s Chosen Few DJs in the creation and popularization of this international musical genre and the celebration of the 25th Annual Chosen Few Music Fest where 50,000 people of different races, ages, and sexual orientation come together in unity, peace, and love in one of the most challenging environments in the country.


Director Statement

Woodstock is a film that seeks to shine the light of love on a genre of music that formed in one of the most challenging environments in the U.S. House music is not just music but is also a culture, a passion, and the most optimistic manifestation of the best virtues of humanity. I felt that this optimistic story needed to be told for the world to be encouraged that the unity, peace, and love of Woodstock still exists in our hyper-partisan and segregated society.


 Q & A with Filmmakers:

Host: Natalie NichelsonDBFF Film Programming Team

Filmmakers: Rodrick F. Wimberly- Director and Producer; Tressa Epps -Producer; Vonda Paige-Producer; Steve Toles -Producer and  Senuwell Smith-Co Director. 



Watch ‘The Woodstock of House’ at #DBFF22

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Rodrick F. Wimberly- Director and Producer

A veteran of the film and television industry, Rodrick’s love for the film industry is enhanced by his knowledge of the law regarding the business of film, including contract negotiations, corporate formations and business entities. He is an executive producer,  producer, writer and a director for the documentary, “The Woodstock of House” (2020) and produced the short film, “UH-OH” (2018).

Tressa Epps -Producer

A sought-after independent filmmaker, Tressa has worked on a number of award-winning independent film projects, ranging from independent short films to feature films in a variety of roles as an executive producer, producer, and production designer. Her projects were released in theaters and aired on BET, BET HER, TVOne, Urban Movie Channel (UMC), Bounce TV and Netflix. She is honored to serve on the prestigious Black Perspectives Committee at the Chicago International Film Festival.


Vonda Paige-Producer

She has more than 25 years of experience in non-profit management, marketing, social media and public relations. She is an award-winning journalist and the founder of The First Black Woman, a digital media project recognizing the historic contributions of Black women. She is a life member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and Vice President of the Virginia Tech Black Alumni Society. She is the executive producer of the independent short film, “UH-OH” (2018) which was selected by the Pan African Film Festival.


Steve Toles -Producer

After graduating from The Ohio State University, Steve moved to Houston and resumed a lifelong passion for film production, acting, directing and producing various projects from short films, to experimental music videos to documentaries and features. Eventually he returned to Cleveland where he has produced video content for his school and his first independent film was accepted to several film festivals. Steve is an executive producer and producer on The Woodstock of House.

Senuwell Smith-Co Director 

An actor, screenwriter, editor and director, he appeared in the Blind Faith Theatre Company’s production of “Streamers,” for which he was nominated for a Black Theater Alliance Award. He appeared in “Pullman Porter Blues” at the Goodman Theater in 2013. He has directed and edited several music videos. He wrote and directed the short film, “UH-OH” which was screened at the Pan-African Film Festival and the Roxbury International Film Festival in 2018. He is a director for the documentary, “The Woodstock of House” (2020).

Watch ‘The Woodstock of House’ at #DBFF22

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