The Denton Black Film Festival is offering more music, art and spoken word in its second time around. But its primary focus, film, continues to attract filmmakers from around the country.

At the Campus Theatre on Saturday, more than 100 people had gathered by early afternoon to watch short and feature films about cultural divides and internal conflict. The three-day festival — a day longer than last year — wraps up today. READ MORE

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If the 2nd annual Denton Black Film Festival passed under your radar this weekend, you are not alone. With a robust programming schedule, the 3-day event was held in downtown Denton just three weeks before the 9th annual Thin Line Film Festival hits the downtown corridor. Needless to say, it’s film festival season in Denton, isn’t it? READ MORE

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COMMENTARY : With two film festivals on our near horizon, it is movie season in Denton.

When my husband Tim and I watch a movie, we see different things happening on the screen. He notices detail within each scene, frame by frame. I merely see a story, focusing on the characters. He notices nuances like cars racing down a wet street, squealing to a stop seconds later on dry pavement. All I saw was a harrowing getaway. READ MORE

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Dallas native and Hollywood actress Irma P. Hall has a career in stage and film that has spanned over four decades. She will be honored this weekend in Denton with a lifetime achievement award. WATCH VIDEO


According to the city of Denton website, the downtown area of Denton was once called Quakertown. This was a small community built by wealthy African-Americans in the late 1800s who were later forced out by the city in order to expand the TWU campus, then an all white school. Almost 100 years later, the same area will be home to the Denton Black Film Festival. This will be the first event of its kind dedicated to telling the stories of people representing the African Diaspora. It’s the second of its kind in the North Texas region. READ MORE


The Denton Black Film Festival started as a conversation among friends about movies they loved over the years — dramas starring Sidney Poitier, blaxploitation movies, classics like Carmen Jones.

Mesha George said they missed those movies. Titles like Lilies of the Field don’t pop up on cable networks’ on-demand menus nearly as much as new releases and blockbusters. And festival board member Harry Eaddy said the film buffs wished they could see some of the titles again. READ MORE

**Save The Date – 2019*** Denton Black Film Festival January 23-27, 2019