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The DBFF Interactive Expo

Welcome to DBFF-IE

Curtiss and Renata Cathey are the co-directors of Denton Black Film Festival – Interactive Expo, or DBFF-IE for short.  For us, the word interactive has always been equivalent to “interaction” plus “innovation”.  Interactive technology and art has been integral in the mission statement of several of our businesses ranging from the first art gallery we opened nearly twenty years ago to the first software architectures built by us with various teams.  Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of people during dozens of events increasing awareness of technology, art, and business as well as facilitating education through training and social justice for kids and adults.  As co-directors we were afforded by Harry Eaddy and staff the honor of working with an incredible set of volunteers during a time of great growth at DBFF and we look forward to being a part of the legacy that DBFF will inevitably continue to leave in its wake.

We invite you to join us on this unique and one-of-a-kind journey either as sponsors at DBFF-IE that #takecenterstage, as visitors indulging in the #blackexperience of the overall festival, or as volunteers seeking insight and participation into this powerful platform we call film and media.  We will see you at DBFF-IE!


The Denton Black Film Festival Interactive Expo, or DBFF-IE for short, is a brain child that sprang forth from discussions with dozens of business professionals, technologists, artists, social justice activists, and creatives that work behind the camera. For every one actor or actress, there are typically dozens of people, products, services, and idealists required to enable a film or media production to come to fruition.

The mission of DBFF-IE is to encourage, inspire, brand, and showcase the latest trends in media and film through the lens of inclusion and diversity, the eyes of influencers on social platforms, the activations of filmmakers on the big screen, and the products and services of business professionals and organizations presented or represented during the showing of a movie or media to the public.

DBFF-IE is a 2 ½ – day technology expo taking place January 23-25, 2020 at the luxurious Embassy Suites Hotel Convention Center in Denton, Texas. Join us at this creatives’ retreat that brings together technology providers, developers, brands, marketers, gaming designers, innovators, and evangelists looking to set the pace and trends in the quickening world of technology.

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Based on the industry content of many of today’s movies and media, DBFF-IE is looking for sponsors with the following industry perspectives - film and entertainment, smart cities and construction, transportation and vehicles, health and imaging, fashion and wearables, drones and vision, security and recognition, human resources and live streaming, sports and robotic cams, energy and safety, power plants and robotic imaging, engineering and communication, education and media, telecom and fiber optics, and religion and live streaming.

Based on the technology trends in society and many of today’s movies and media, during the first year, DBFF-IE is also looking for sponsors with the following seven technology perspectives – digital scrapbooking and layout design, touch screens, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), wearables, drones, and 3-D printing.

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At DBFF-IE, a major emphasis will be on businesses owned, operated, and catering to people of color and women. We want to showcase diversity and inclusion, and highlight how these companies are using it as a competitive advantage. Networking, branding, and talks on emerging trends and technologies will occur throughout the expo.

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Film, media, and their corresponding business counterparts have a profound social and emotional effect on practically everyone on the planet. In 2018, according to statista.com, over 61 percent of people between the ages of 30 and 49 years own a digital camera. Over 48 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 years own a camera.

By DBFF-IE’s deliverance of civic awareness and education about the professions, industries, and technologies that function in front of the camera as well as behind the camera, people are inherently connected with the exciting topics and industries associated with their own cameras. This excitement surrounding the camera creates opportunities for ROI and positive social impact through trade, advocacies, or investments associated with practically any style, theme, or purpose for a booth. Many booths will be based on innovation, safety, or technology, however, many other styles or themes are imaginable in the context of film and media.

Most importantly, DBFF-IE is an ideal platform to connect, develop, and partner with people of color and a promising mechanism for deriving some KPI (key performance indicators) for any business staying current with the latest business trends used by people of color.

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During DBFF-IE, there are three competitions that sponsors with less than ten employees (startups and influencers only) can participate for prizes, rewards, or accolades – poster competition, pitch competition, or people’s choice competition.

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Guests can book rooms for your block by calling the hotel directly at 940-243-3799 and referencing the DBFF Tech Expo rate, or booking online.

Hotel: Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center​
Group Name: DBFF Tech Expo​
Arrival Date: January 23, 2020​
Departure Date: January 26, 2020​
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