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2018 DBFF Film Line Up A-Z

40 SECONDS  - Saturday, 1/27 @ 5:00pm Black Box Theater

USA, 2017,  15 min., Color, English   Director: F.G. Moore

40 Seconds tells the story of Emma (Veronika Hanson), a marketing director of an education company, and Jack (Masi Hasher), a software developer trying to navigate the treacherous waters of their relationship.


911 - Saturday, 1/27 @ 4:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 10 min., Color, English  Directors: Alison Guessou and Justin Christopher Ayd

A 911 dispatcher answers a distressed call from a couple stopped for a suspicious car reported.


A MEDITATION - Friday, 1/26 @ 10:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2016, 15 min., Color, English   Adult Content-Nudity   Director: Joe Petricca

A man who is a little lost finds himself connecting with a surprising woman who shows up to buy the DVR he is selling on Craigslist.


All or Nothin' - Saturday, 1/27 @ 12:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 88 min., Color, English     Director: Charles Campbell

Set in 1853, Boone County, Kentucky, ALL OR NOTHIN’ ‘AON’ is an epic tale based on true events, and represents real life Underground Railroad heroes/sheroes. A blend of literary scholarship and creative licensing, we maintain historical accuracy as recorded via verbal accounts, and research. We salute the scholars, educators, researchers and oral historians for preserving The Escape of the 28 (which AON is based) and for their preservation of stories similar in scope.


BILL 2/29 -  Saturday, 1/27 @ 12:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2016, 22 min., Color, English   Director: Maurice Simmons

BILL 2/29 is a futuristic depiction of America after the years of Civil Rights, Stand Your Ground and Black Lives Matter. History proved none of those movements were successful. Integration failed in the United States of America. Change was necessary to survive.


Black Cop - Saturday, 1/27 @ 9:00 pm  Campus Theater

Canada,, 2017,  91 min., Color, English       Director: Cory Bowles

It’s not easy being a black cop. Your community doesn’t trust you, your colleagues are wary of you, and everyone assumes you hate NWA. And when the world is on edge waiting for a grand jury verdict on a high profile police case involving unarmed youth, you can bet all eyes are on you.


Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph - Sunday, 1/28 @ 1:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, , 2017, 80 min., Color,  English    Director: Maia Porter

Mass media has inundated the general public with the images of irresponsible, uninvolved, dead beat Black fathers. However, this is not always the case. The men and families in this documentary  portray the other side of the coin; engaged, involved, invested Black fathers.


Black Reparations Film Project: Descendants of Slavery and Institutional Racism -  Friday, 1/26 @ 4:45 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2016, 23 min., Color, English      Director: Tuarean Hodge

A character driven film that sheds light on slavery and its descendants while addressing the ignorance on one generation about reparations.


Breathless- Friday, 1/26 @ 1:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 7 min., Color, English, College Student Short      Director: Anaiis Cisco

'Breathless' is the story of Larry, a middle aged Black man, whose trip to the bodega for coffee and cigarettes leads to his unwarranted death.


C'EST MOI - Saturday, 1/27 @ 11:00 am  Black Box Theater

Canada, 2017, 8 min., B & W  and Color, French w/ English Subtitles  Director: Howard J. Davis

Set in modern day Montréal "C'est Moi" explores the collision of the past as it meets the present in the forgotten story of Marie-Josèphe Angélique, a figure of Black Canadian History and her efforts to fight against slavery in 18th Century New France.

How much of our past is erased in the restoration of history?


Cloudy Daze - Saturday, 1/27 @ 4:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2016,10 min., Color, English   Director: Kat Albert

Having faced bullying and ridicule most of her life for looking slightly different than those around her, Desi finally meets someone that can look past her larger than life hair and see the fun loving person she truly is. This chance meeting at the disc golf course may seem like love at first site, but it will test the lifelong friendship of two best friends.

This project is filmed entirely on iPhone 6s.


Colour Me Pretty - Short Film- Saturday, 1/27 @  2:15 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 15 min., Color, English       Director: Jacolby Percy

A young girl begins to question her self-image after moving to a new school where she is not wanted.


 Conversation With Change - Sunday, 1/28 @ 1:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 12 min., Color, English          Director: michael taylor

Both father and son grapple with change after son decides to change his career goals away from the family tradition of ivy league-trained Black male doctors to pursue acting.


Decoding DarkMatter- Friday, 1/26 @ 1:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, , 2017, 21 min., Color, English, College Student Short        Director; Crystal Waterton

Decoding DarkMatter is a short documentary film about two Asian transgender poetry performance artists: Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian.


Dirty Money- Friday, 1/26 @ 1:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 12 min., Color, English,  College Student Short     Director; Ciara Boniface

As addictions and murky loyalties swirl around them, three women desperate to escape their surroundings rob a group of drug dealers and find themselves fighting through a night that will change their lives forever.


Driving Force- Saturday, 1/27 @ 9:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 8 min., Color, English       Director: Antoine Allen

An ordinary day for a bus driver takes an unexpected turn down one crazy road. The unthinkable happens and begs the question "What would you do?"  If you came face to face with the person that destroy your life.

Evolutionary Blues ... West Oakland's Music Legacy- Sunday, 1/28 @ 3:30  pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 90 min., Color, English            Director: Cheryl Fabio

The Blues is an earthy, soul-stirring mélange of Black roots music and personal narratives that became the defining soundtrack of Black America. That soundtrack takes on a local flavor in Northern California with influences from Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. In Evolutionary Blues… West Oakland’s Music Legacy  local musicians, writers and historians describe the trajectory of Oakland’s Blues.


For Ahkeem - Saturday, 1/27 @  2:15 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 90 min., Color, English      Directors: Jeremy S. Levine and Landon Van Soest

After a school fight lands 17-year old Daje Shelton in a court-supervised alternative high school, she's determined to turn things around and make a better future for herself in her rough St. Louis neighborhood.


Fostered - Friday, 1/26 @ 1:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 9 min., Color, English    College Student Short         Director: Christine Williams

Fostered follows Nova, an amateur singer-songwriter, getting ready for her first big performance when her little sister, Ayanna, calls her after being physically abused by her foster mother.


Full Circle - Friday, 1/26 @ 1:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 7 min., Color, English  College Student Short  Director: Raymond Knudsen

An accomplished NFL wide receiver looks beyond the football field in hopes to change the lives of the people from his poor hometown of Pahokee, Florida.


Full Service - Saturday, 1/27 @ 10:00 am Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 15 min., Color, English    Director: KPage Stuart Valdes

Abike, a Nigerian born oil industry executive and a Christian, is driving to a friend's country house when she realizes her tank is needling towards empty. She pulls into the only station she can find where she is greeted by Scott, a local who inherited his business from his grandfather. Scott has never met anyone like Abike, which leads him to make assumptions about her based on stereotypes and unexamined biases.


Heart Eyes - Friday, 1/26 @ 1:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 6 min., Color, English   College Student Short         Director: Michea Bryant

A high school student with Down syndrome pursues her crush in hopes of securing a date for the Valentines Day Dance. In the process, she teaches everyone around her a valuable lesson about love and forgiveness.


Jake - Saturday, 1/27 @ 9:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 7 min., Color, English    Director: Michael Tyner

The aftermath of a violent interaction forces a Brooklyn cop to question the motives of his fellow officer.


La Vie Magnifique de Charlie- Saturday, 1/27 @ 6:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 87 min., Color, English      Director: Bobby Huntley

French-inspired celebration of Black Girl Magic-After her sister Brandy’s untimely death, everyone is taken aback by Charlie’s unorthodox (and seemingly chipper) approach to her grieving process. Follow Charlie and her friends Kayla and Keturah as they go along for a wild, hilariously exhilarating and bittersweet ride – which will surely be the craziest day of Charlie’s life.


Making SkyBreak - Saturday, 1/27 @ 5:00pm Black Box Theater

USA, 2017,  57 min., Color, English        Director: Donnie Seals Jr.

“Making SkyBreak” is a behind the scenes look at the creation of Zo!'s latest soul album.  We not only travel the country talking to the artists behind the music, but we delve deep into the beginnings of Zo!'s music career.


On Borrowed Time - Saturday, 1/27 @ 4:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2016,  17 min., Color, English     Director: Mary B. McDaniel

The film reveals the emotional conflict of a mother and father on the anniversary date of their children's death.


POTATO POTAHTO - Friday, 1/26 @ 10:00 pm  Campus Theater

Ghana  2017, 70 min., Color, English       Director: Shirley Frimpong Manso

A divorced couple who decide to share equal space in their ex-matrimonial home soon realize that the ingenious idea is easier said than done. Bent on flexing their egos and scoring points, the two implore various hilarious tactics that soon inflames emotions and turns an already complicated situation into a roller coaster ride.


Print Shop - Saturday, 1/27 @ 5:00pm Black Box Theater

USA, 2016, 22 min., Color, English         Director: Christian Nolan Jones

Print Shop is a short film set in 2001 surrounding an inner-city fashion designer, who currently makes RIP and FREE MY HOMIE tees, and his journey escaping his circumstances.


Rolling In The Deep- Saturday, 1/27 @ 3:00pm Black Box Theater

USA, 2017, 12 min., Color, English   Director: Marcellus Cox

Rolling In The Deep: An Award Winning Film Inspired By True Events about an African American World War 2 Veteran who travels back home to South Carolina looking to achieve a goal for his late Father by having an meal at an locally famous Whites Only Diner.


Seeds the Short - Saturday, 1/27 @ 4:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 7 min., Color, English     Directors: Miriam D Pollock and Tery Wilson

A loving grandmother gets her rambunctious granddaughter ready for school and gives her knowledge on surviving in the world.


Senior Night - Saturday, 1/27 @ 6:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 19 min., Color, English     Director: David Delaney Mayer

SENIOR NIGHT is a short film documenting the final game of one athlete's career. But unlike typical sports coverage, when we see Anthony play, we do not hear about his defensive rebounds or field goal percentage. We hear his thoughts and feelings, as if they are happening in real time. Juxtaposing Anthony’s bitter-sweet nostalgia with rich moments from the game, SENIOR NIGHT captures the poignant ending of a beloved sport.


Silent Cries: The Prelude - Saturday, 1/27 @ 4:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 15  min., Color, English    Director: Shauntay Cherry

“Silent Cries: The Prelude” is the story of a construction worker with a failing business who begins to buckle under the pressures of fatherhood as his son’s 7th birthday approaches.


Slikk Muzik- Miracles & Muzik-  Closing Night Film - Sunday, 1/28 @ 5:30  pm  Campus Theater

 United States, 2017, 55 min., Color, English       Director: Jeff Adair

Miracles & Muzik is the factual documentary featuring the life of Platinum Record recording, Grammy Nominated and Golden Globe winning producer Rickey “Slikk Muzik” Offord. The documentary takes you on an emotional ride of poverty stricken beginnings and star-studded successes. It radically highlights his time in a 33-day medically induced coma with a triple death experience and a miraculous survival.


Songs Remembered - Friday, 1/26 @ 1:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA,  2017,  8 min., Color, English,  College Student Short-Invitational     Director: Eboni Johnson

No one is ever ready to lose a loved one, especially to a disease that dims the bonds of the past. Through the Haynes family, we explore what it means to love someone present in the body, yet absent in the mind, and how the spirit can transcend all boundaries.


Steps- Opening Night Film- Red Carpet Texas Premiere- Friday, 1/26 @ 7:15 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 110  min., Color, English   Director: Jay Rodriguez and Rock Davis   Writer: Eddie B. Harris

A Story about Recovery, Redemption, Love and Forgiveness. “STEPS" is the beautiful dramatic story about the shortcomings of a man, our main character, Brian Coleman whom after being robbed and shot fourteen years earlier, succumbs to a life of addiction and ultimately loses the love of his life and the gift of knowing his only child.


Sugar - Friday, 1/26 @ 10:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 10 min., Color, English,  Adult Content and Language,  Director: Beeka Regassa

A weekend retreat with one washed up former Blaxploitation actor and an up and coming hip hop model forces the two to confront their stark differences.


Talking Black in America - Friday, 1/26 @ 3:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA,  2017,  66 min.,  Color,  English   Directors: Neal Hutcheson and Danica Cullinan

Talking Black in America follows the unique circumstances of the descendants of American slaves and their incredible impact on American life and language. Speech varieties from the African American community reflect the imprint of African language systems, the influences of regional British and Southern American dialects, and the creativity and resilience of people living through oppression, segregation and the fight for equality.


The 30th of May - Saturday, 1/27 @ 11:00 am  Black Box Theater

USA, 2016, 28 min., Black & White and Color, English, Directors: James William Theres and Chris Windfield

This film is a story of African American tradition, patriotism and empowerment in the Deep South. Since the end of the Civil War, African Americans in Vidalia, La., and Natchez, Ms. have come together to celebrate black military service on Memorial Day. For 100 of those years, there were two Memorial Day celebrations in the same city of Natchez---one black and one white. By the mid-1990's, the white celebration faded away, while the black celebration known as the "30th of May" continued to march on.


The Lost Café - Saturday, 1/27 @ 10:00 am Campus Theater

Nigeria   2017  80 min., Color,  English         Director: Kenneth Gyang

An uplifting story about a girl's decision to rise above dark family secrets and culture shock to live her dreams abroad.


The Sheriff's Children - Saturday, 1/27 @ 3:00pm Black Box Theater

USA, 2017, 22 min., Color, English         Director: Michael Boedicker

Based on the acclaimed story by Charles Chesnutt published in 1889, “The Sheriff’s Children” dramatizes the conflict between duty and family, as a sheriff guarding a prisoner from a lynch mob faces a crisis of conscience.


 The Talk - Friday, 1/26 @ 1:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 7 min., Color, English    College Student Short         Director: Emily M. Blake

For African Americans, The Talk, is about more than just the birds and the bees.  On his way to a big date, seventeen year old J.J. has a talk with his dad, but Dad couldn't prepare him for this.


The Uncomfortable Truth - Friday, 1/26 @ 4:45 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2016, 86 min.,     Color, English         Director: Loki Mulholland

"When award-winning filmmaker Loki Mulholland ("An Ordinary Hero") dives into his family history he is confronted with the shocking reality of his family's true slaveholding past and their deep connection to the roots of American history. Through engrossing storytelling and captivating visuals, Loki Mulholland and Civil Rights Activist, Luvaghn Brown take us on a comprehensive, insightful and gut wrenching exploration of racism, or nation's past and the way forward."


The Voiceless - Saturday, 1/27 @ 3:00pm Black Box Theater

USA, 2017, 63 min., Color, English   Director: Vanessa McNeal

The internationally recognized documentary "The Voiceless" features the stories of five male survivors of sexual violence. The unique documentary discusses masculinity, culture, race, and the impact that sexual violence has on men. In a world that refuses to recognize sexual violence has to men, five brave men share their truth in the most gut wrenching and brave way.


These Beats Ain't Free (Web Series) -  Closing Night Film - Sunday, 1/28 @ 5:30  pm  Campus Theater

USA,  2017,  27 min, Color, English  Adult Language & Content  Season 3 Ep. 1   Director: Kory Williams

These Beats Ain’t Free is the scripted series from the mind of Award winning music producer/author J.Rhodes, & co - creator Kory Williams.  It is the first show of its kind to authentically go inside the world of a beat maker.  Think “Entourage” or “Ballers” but centered around the life of a music producer.  Add in elements of Slap Stick comedy, funny characters & a love interest and TBAF is sure to entertain the masses!


TORMENTS OF LOVE - Saturday, 1/27 @ 11:00 am  Black Box Theater

France , 2017, 53  min., Color,   French/English Subtitles    Director: Caroline Jules

A film from Guadeloupe based on hidden love and untold feelings between two sisters in their thirties and their father.



Unheard - Friday, 1/26 @ 1:00 pm  Campus Theater

USA,  2016,  5 min., Black and White , English    College Student Short         Director: Erin Semine Kokdll

Amidst the depths of despair, a grieving mother finds her voice to challenge the forces of injustice and inspire hope.


Word is Bond -  Saturday, 1/27 @ 1:00pm   Black Box Theater

USA, 2017, 88 min., Color, English   Director: Sacha Jenkins

Word Is Bond examines the transformative power of lyrics in the world of hip-hop music.  What was born on the streets of the South Bronx has now taken root globally, and the young poets of New York have helped to spawn regional dialects everywhere. Through dynamic archival footage, in-depth interviews and verite excursions with artists like Nas, Tech9, J Cole, Rapsody and Anderson .Paak (and many more), Word explores the many dimensions that hip hop poetics occupy.


Wrath City - Saturday, 1/27 @ 4:30 pm  Campus Theater

USA, 2017, 22  min., Color, English   Director: Raeshelle Cooke

This is a story of a fictional, angry little town and the Haitian woman who's getting deported out of it for committing an awful crime. Inspired by Black Lives Matter and the police brutality epidemic.

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