Best Documentary Feature

Black Seeds:

The History of Africans in America

BLACK SEEDS digs into the socioeconomics, and tracks the evolution of armed resistance to slavery in America.

Director: Bayer Mack.

Best Narrative Feature

The Subject

A successful white documentary filmmaker deals with the fallout from his last film, which caught the murder of a Black teenager on tape. Now, someone else is videotaping his every move, threatening his idyllic life.

Director: Lanie Zipoy.

Best Episodic/Webisode Series

The Pandemic Chronicles

An anthology series about love and grief during quarantine.

Filmed entirely during the Coronavirus Lockdown using Social Distance and Virtual Directing.

Director: Ya’Ke.

Best Texas Short

The First Time After

Macy prepares herself to be intimate with her husband for the first time since he’s admitted to being unfaithful.

Director: Calvin J Walker.

Best Texas High School Short

The Perfect Ask

With the school winter formal quickly approaching, a young boy finds himself in desperate need of a date. But the question remains, can he find one in time?

Director: Stanley Turner.

Best Texas College Short

Fregoli Project

The debut short of Sam Broadous, The Fregoli Project is a short comedy that comments the white savior complex through the story of Danny as he tries to complete a construction project with an all Black team, but fails to distinguish anyone apart.

Director: Samuel Broadous.

Best Short Narrative


Augustus, a literate, escaped slave masquerading as a free man in Massachusetts just prior to the Civil War, experiences nightmares of his son’s death and a future America that resembles the struggles of his own time. Augustus soon realizes the horrors of slavery and racial inequality will only continue if he remains complicit. He’s left with one choice; speak out or risk his freedom.

Director: Jon Alston.

Best Documentary Short


At the age of 12, Giovanni Douresseau’s life consisted of the eight blocks of guns, gangs and violence surrounding his home in South Central Los Angeles. After being exposed to surfing during a youth summer program, he fell in love with the sport and met a mentor who helped him completely move past his rough upbringing. Ten years later, Giovanni is committed to sharing the life-altering gift of surfing that was given to him when he needed it most.

Director: Tyler Dunham, Brendan Calder.

Best Original Music Video

Monica: An Afro Fantasy

A young Nigerian (Favour) navigates his new found life abroad by spending time with his pidgin-speaking, well-assimilated, friends. What once served as a bonding experience over a game of FIFA, has birthed new found opportunities to get acquainted with Monica. The step-sister of Favour’s friend… and the young Akata (African American) woman he fancies so dearly.

Off limits she may be, but when Favour’s FIFA game morphs into a full-blown romantic fantasy… we are reminded that lovin’ from a distance doesn’t have to be all that bad! This is a magical and refreshing story of love… within’ limits.

This music-to-short concept was written and created by Keirra Ewah. Our creative team took inspiration from legendary story-telling pieces like Jerry Kramer’s “Thriller” music video and Fela Kuti’s highlife music.

Director: Keirra Ewah, Ore Aweda.

Virtual Collaborative Short Film Challenge

District 00

Filmmaker: Oreoluwa Adebo, Ifeoluwa Adebo, Aaron Middlebrooks, & Michael Nguyen.

Best College Short


When they learn their friend has kidnapped a cop on the night of MLK Jr.’s assassination, two sisters and leaders of the Black Panther Party must set aside their differences to navigate one of the most turbulent nights in history.

Director: Ciani Rey Walker.