In Person Festival returns January 25-29, 2023 

#DBFF22 Screening: Blonde.Purple



We invite you to watch Blonde.Purple on VOD at your leisure and view the conversation with Director and Writer Marcus Flemmings, an International filmmaker from the UK. This content will be available from the beginning of the festival- January 27th until it ends on February 6th at 11:59pm.



Host: Linda Eaddy– Denton Black Film Festival Director of Film Programming 

Filmmaker: Director Marcus Flemmings

Community Partner: Oak Cliff Film Festival





Marcus Flemmings

Flemmings is director of some note,having directed two pictures so far both garnering awards and press attention.His debut SIX ROUNDS focused on the London

Riots of 2011 and the killing of young black man Mark Duggan. Flemmings’ style of direction follows in the footsteps of auteurs of the 50’s and 70’s preferring to let the camera tell the story with pictures rather than being obtrusive. Themes he often delves into are time, conflict, religion,

class and race. Being a British Black filmmaker this comes across prominently in his work. His second film PALINDROME won over 20 awards in 2020.Both films are now available via VOD

(Amazing, Apple TV, Tubi TV, FlixPremiere and others). His latest work BLONDE. Purple is set in a nondescript US town and much like his first two efforts firmly raises questions about race and class. But, ultimately, it is a heist movie in the vain of Out of Sight, Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs.


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