In Person Festival returns January 25-29, 2023 

Amp Creative presents an AR/VR panel at 2022 Virtual Denton Black Film Festival

The Denton Black Film Festival Institute and Amp Creative Studios will be bringing tech experience to the 2022 virtual festival.

Join us for a discussion on new technology that is changing the way stories are told. We will explore different areas of the emergent technology space, as it relates to communication, storytelling, and human culture.

Through the use of AR, VR, MR, and beyond, the ways in which people communicate and share experiences are changing rapidly.

Be a part of the journey as we navigate through new connectivity strategies via the use of innovative communication tools.


‘The evolving landscape of storytelling: How immersive technology is shaping the way humans communicate’ discussion will be held with panelists Raziq Brown, a writer, filmmaker, and media technology educator; Cdeeq, American entrepreneur, media proprietor, filmmaker , realtime artist , and digital fashion designer; Elena Piech, Experiential Producer at AMP Creative; and Bowie DeShazo, Amp Creative


Presented by Amp Creative


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Moderator: Raffi Ferreira

I lead through compassion, a desire to serve others and an unwavering love for justice and equality. These attributes are directly connected with my career and intertwined with the support I provide to my peers. The ability to create and foster diverse, inclusive, equitable, safe, and loving environments is what fuels my work. Now more than ever, we are responsible for establishing such safe spaces and supporting a holistic approach in the workplace.

This vision allows me to offer and celebrate a unique ‘bring your whole self to work’ perspective. Individuals are not exclusively responsible for make themselves feel happy in the workplace – it starts with offering an environment that celebrates who they are as individuals first, then their talents. Seeing and recognizing people’s differences, while respecting and celebrating those differences instead of being ‘colorblind’ is key in making others feel seen, heard, and respected.

Raziq Brown

Writer, filmmaker and media technology educator based in Fort Worth, Texas, Raziz got his start as a writer and speaker in the faith community, working with youth and young adults of color. In this role, Raziz built up an audience of millennials, zoomers, and boomers across all genders and races with whom he regularly engages on the topics of history and social justice in America. This experience filled Raziz with a passion for telling the stories of my culture as a way of getting people to see and understand the complexity of the black experience

Cdeeq is an American entrepreneur, media proprietor, filmmaker , realtime artist , and digital fashion designer. He founded  unyield and MEGAOUTPUT to bridge the gap between  realtime and storytelling. He has done projects for NBA, NFL, UFC to NETFLIX to name a few. NIKE requested his help in the redesigning of the Falcons uniforms in 2019. It was after this he launched his digital fashion company spec bump.


Bowie DeShazo
Communication can be difficult. Bowie looks for opportunities to make communication easier through new technologies. He uses AR, VR, and live streaming to create immersive, interactive, and engaging experiences that make an impact.



Elena Piech, Experiential Producer at AMP Creative
As a journalist-turned-technologist, Elena is fascinated by the ways virtual reality and augmented reality impact how humans think, learn, and interact. Prior to becoming an Experiential Producer at AMP Creative, she was the Senior Marketing Manager for The Glimpse Group, a VR/AR platform company. Elena has worked closely with clients to turn ideas into transformative XR experiences. She’s a forward-thinker who is interested in the future of culture, marketing, and interactive media.
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