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A Conversation With Fearless Women Directors

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Join us on Tuesday, February 1st @ 7pm CST for an engaging conversation with some of the * “Fearless” Women Directors with short films at 2022 Denton Black Film Festival. You’ll want to hear their journey, inspiration for their films, and what it is like directing a film  in an industry  that is usually male. Be sure and check out the Fearless Women Short Blocks: Part 1 & Part 2 available from January 27th, 2022 @ 12:00 am CST until February 6th, 2022 @ 11:59pm CST on Video On Demand (VOD).



Host: Linda Eaddy – Director of Film Programming

Shahari Moore – Chicago Guy (Director)

Asha Bynum – Last Summer (Director)

Mary Ann Rotondi – Queen of the Desert (Director)

Kelly Gray – Tati the Great (Director)

Ebony Roberts – United We Heal (Director)


Community Partners:

Women In Film – Dallas

UNT Black Film Club






Watch A Conversation With Fearless Women Directors at #DBFF22
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Shahari Moore 

Bio: Shahari Moore was raised in the Bronzeville community on Chicago’s south side. She is the Historian Emeritus for the Guy Hanks and Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, and a Professor of Africana Studies at Kennedy King College in Chicago. She is the writer and co-director of B Love and Swimmin’ Lesson, which screened in the Cannes International Film Festival in 2012 and secured distribution. In 2017, she made her solo directorial debut with Brooks People, followed by Chicago Guy in 2019. As a writer and director, Shahari has won numerous awards, locally, nationally, and internationally.


FB: @ShahariTheStoryteller

FB: @chicagoguymovie

T: @shahari

IG: @chicagoguymovie



Ebony Roberts

Bio: Ever since Ebony Roberts watched ‘Back to the Future’ at age 7, she was intrigued by the film. It was from then that she knew she wanted to leave her mark in the world of film and television. From a 7 year old dreamer, she continued her journey to the silver screen by obtaining a degree in Communications/Broadcasting from the University of Pittsburgh. Shortly after earning her degree she and her sisters combined their love of travel and production to create a web series called ‘Global Lipstick’. This Bourdain-esk web series showcased the sisters’ carefree, comedic spirit as well as their creative genius. From that endeavor Ebony and her sisters formed a production company where they empowered businesses through visual media. While working with her independent production company, Ebony was given an opportunity to work for QVC, the home shopping channel. She took that opportunity and is currently an Associate Producer on the studio broadcast team. During the year of 2020, in the wake of the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, Ebony knew she had to use her creative energy to promote unity in the Black community. That creative energy spawned her latest project and the one she is most proud of to date, entitled, United We Heal. Whether it’s producing, directing or writing, Ebony continues to attempt to leave her mark on the television and film industry by constantly striving for excellence.



Asha Bynum

Bio: Asha is a filmmaker living in Austin, Texas with an affinity for the coming of age genre. She received her BFA from Vanderbilt University which ignited her passion for film and film theory. Her work includes being the Assistant Director for “Find Me,” an Official Selection for the 2016 Living With Alzheimer’s Film Project, “Fever,” an experimental short, and Official Selections for the 2018 Contrast Film Festival and 2019 Babesfest. Her latest short film, “Last Summer,” premiered at the 2020 Capital City Black Film Festival, and she’s participating in a female-centered feature anthology currently in development. When not working on a set or on a script, Asha enjoys video games and good food with good people. She currently works as the Writer’s Assistant on an upcoming Marvel project.



Mary Ann Rotondi 

Bio: Writer/ Director Mary Ann Rotondi comes from a background as an award-winning producer, writer and director of documentary films and long-form documentary television. As a producer on CBS News’ 48 Hours, and NBC’s Dateline, she has won Emmy awards, a prestigious New York Press Club Award, a Clarion Award, and a Gracie award.







Kelly Gray-Bobino

Bio: Kelly Gray–Bobino,  is an award winning film writer, producer and director.  “I  was producing several micro budget films for local directors in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and I needed to organize and build my own company”.   Reda Jo Films  was established in 2012 as an independent film company.  Reda Jo films is solely owned and operated by  Kelly Gray-Bibino. Redajofilms is a small independent film company based out of Dallas, Texas.  Filmmakers utilize the small multimedia company to provide film consulting services, hire cast, crew and  provide various production services to complete short and feature films.

Recently Mrs. Bobino decided to return to Film school.  She enrolled at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2018 and graduated Spring 2021 with a Master of Fine Arts in Cinematic Studies.  Her artistic approach and passion for humanizing people of color is evident in her Thesis project titled Tati the Great.  This short poetic documentary about the life of Atatiana Jefferson, a slain African american woman killed in her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. The documentary will screen at the Charlotte Black film festival  in June 2021.

Kelly is inspired by nostalgic events and stories from her childhood.  She shares childhood stories with her students about growing up in the South during 1970’s and 80’s and remembering the birth of Hip Hop.  Kelly enjoys spending free time with her family. She loves to study history and various cultures.  Mrs. Bobino currently teaches Audio Visual and Film at Cedar Hill high school in Cedar Hill, Texas.

She seeks a career in academia at a post secondary institution where she can continue to teach and mentor students focusing on Cinema studies specializing in African American Film History.  Her plans are to continue to create fiction and non-fiction films that uplift and educate all people utilizing her love for Fine Arts.  Her work is about building bridges to create diverse communities and using art as a form or cultural expression.





Watch A Conversation With Fearless Women Directors at #DBFF22

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